Buckeye JWill Swimbait Head 1/8 Blueback

Buckeye JWill Swimbait Head 1/8 Blueback

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Jason Williamson, an Elite Series Pro, has worked with Buckeye Lures to create this unique way of fishing a swimbait in open water. The JWill swimbait head boasts a 5/0 Mustad Ultra Point Heavy Flipping Hook for unmatched strength. These heads have been custom painted to match most colors of swimbaits on the market. The collar on the head holds the swimbait securely cast after cast. The Buckeye JWILL Swimbait Head is available in 1/2oz, 1/4oz, 1/8oz, 3/8oz and is available in 6 Colors. Packaged 3 to a pack.



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